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Becoming a Signature Creator / Signature Team

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1Becoming a Signature Creator / Signature Team Empty Becoming a Signature Creator / Signature Team on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:52 pm

Simopsis Staff

If you create custom content for The Sims 3, SimCity 4 or CitiesXL either as an individual, or if you are a team, you can become a Simopsis Signature Creator!

The perk of being a signature creator/team is you get your own forum with a maximum of 3/4 subforums (more at the descretion of simLink, Site Admin.)! These sub forums can house development, general discussion or requests and new releases - any sub-forum to suit your team.

If you would like to become a Signature Team/Creator, you must apply via. PM to simLink (the site administrator) and the decision will be PM'd back to you.

To apply, you must provide:

Team Name (if team) / Crator Name (if individual)
Team Members (at least a partial list) [Applicable to teams only!]
Description/photos of your creations + where to download them.
Any works underway

And anything else you feel will strengthen your application.

Your application is not guaranteed to go through, but once accepted if your board becomes "abandoned" (no activity for more than 6 months consecutively) it may be subject to being delted, with your topics being merged into the main creator's boards. If this occurs, you may request your forum be reopened, but you must re-apply with particular focus on works underway.

We look forward to your applications and hope to see some more signature creators here at Simopsis!

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