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New Forums Layout Now Out

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1New Forums Layout Now Out Empty New Forums Layout Now Out on Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:42 pm

Simopsis Staff

Hello Simopsis Members!

This is an announcement to let you know that the forums will be undergoing another consolidation to make the forums less daunting. The current plan (which is subject to change) will see all content creation merged into the "Simopsis Signature Creators" board, which will then be renamed "Simopsis Creators."

The newly re-formatted board will feature "General Creators" and a subforum for each The Sims 3, SimCity 4 and CitiesXL.

Some other changes to the forums are set to occur, including massive changed to "The Off-Topic Zone" and "Simopsis Community" boards. These will essentially be merged into one category. This new board, to retain the "Simopsis Community" name will see a new forum, "Off Topic", which will house the Forum Games and General Off-Topic Forums as subforums. The Other Sites board will remain a seperate board, as will the technical help forum. New Member's Information will become a subforum of Simopsis Related.

The location of these categories will also change, seeing "Simopsis Community" first, followed by "Simopsis Creators" and then the boards for each game.

These changes are set to occur on July 18th, or possibly the 19th, pending any feedback received. If no comments are made against, this will proceed as scheduled! The forums will be down during this process so topics don't get lost in the midst off the re-organizing, and so that you don't get lost either. Wink

The main aim is to make the board look less barren and less intimaditing to any new potential members. Hopefully it will also stimulate discussion.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

The forums reorganization has finished and most of what was mentioned was carried out with a few other minor changes. Be sure to check out the new layout/hiearchy. Hope to you around!

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